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The biggest media and ad stories of 2023

Are the TV Currency Wars at a Stalemate?

Meet the Tech Company Who Sees Everything You Stream

TikTok's TV 'Problem'

YouTube is Thriving. Advertising on YouTube Remains...Complicated

Is TV in a Permanent Ad Recession?

TV Has a Long Way To Go Before Shopping Becomes Mainstream

While the Feds Look To Break Up Google, Amazon is Quietly Stealing its Playbook

Amazon Has a lot Riding on Black Friday

In the Streaming Era, the Streamers May Know Too Much

Is Netflix Sure it Wants to be an Advertising Company?

What Everyone (me) Got Wrong About the Streaming Wars

Instacart and Walmart are Massive Ad Companies - and Maybe the Next Walled Gardens

Does Pinterest Have an AI Ace in the Hole?

This Ad Tech Shakeout Seems Real

YouTube is Trying to Walled Garden TV

Brian O'Kelley Has Heard the Criticism

Disney Wants to Compete With Big Tech - While Getting Smaller

The TV Industry's Ticking Time Bomb

Facebook's Back. The Ad Biz Might Want to Duck.

Yeah, Are We Sure About AI Changing Our Lives?

Special Emergency Bob Iger Might Sell ABC Edition

The FTC May Have Opened the Door For More Ads in Games

Is Ad Tech Eating the World, or Eating Itself?

21 Questions for the Second Half of 2023

Retail Media May Be Coming For Us All

Are the TV OS Wars Just Not That Important?

TV Advertising May End Up Just Like Digital - As in Awful

The Culture Wars Are Going to Hit Every Part of the Ad Business

Ad tech isn't ready for California

The Writers Strike is a Massive Opportunity for YouTube and Creators

The Great Streaming Pullback Will Have Consequences

Regulators are trying to reign in digital advertising. AI has other ideas.

The Media Business Still Loves Its Silos

Is the Hispanic Streaming Audience Tiny?

Roku Takes on The Trade Desk, While Google Takes on Roku

How digital privacy legislation could rock the ad industry

If TikTok goes away tomorrow...

Is Samsung the next walled garden?

TV wanted to be just like digital. Unfortunately, the ad business got its wish

What does Roblox want to be when it grows up?

Get ready for the messiest TV upfront ever

How AI could revolutionize what media gets produced -and have scary some side effects

Yes, I'm looking for reader support

Why a Hulu sale could usher Disney out of the advertising business

What's wrong with YouTube?

Joe Biden needs to hire an Ad Tech Czar

Digital advertising's existential crisis

Gaming soared during the pandemic - but in-game advertising never did

What if Nielsen actually wins?

The TV industry seems to have no answer to TikTok