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As Co-Founder of Movement for an Open Web (MOW), the not-for-profit that led the complaint to the CMA, your remedy of "Google would have to spin off Chrome to make sure this is on the up and up?" is spot on. MOW has published a summary of remedies which includes separation. => https://movementforanopenweb.com/mow-proposes-competition-remedies-to-google-apple-monopoly/

The reason this is taking so long is because regulators lacked the powers and will to take action. EC only got the Digital Markets Act (DMA) Core Platform Services (CPS) designation in place last month for example. See => https://digital-markets-act.ec.europa.eu/commission-designates-six-gatekeepers-under-digital-markets-act-2023-09-06_en

But the EC were not complacent before the DMA. See their Statement of Objections (SO) which no one is talking about but should be because it's significant. => https://movementforanopenweb.com/commission-issues-google-with-a-statement-of-objections-what-next/

Regulators are now turning to the role of the browser and OS. See CMA investigation which has now restarted. => https://www.gov.uk/cma-cases/mobile-browsers-and-cloud-gaming#administrative-timetable

But it takes two to tango. If market participants don't engage with regulators then regulation doesn't work. Too many have talked about the problems, but not taken action. Now is the time to act. Clearly regulation has an impact, Google acknowledge as much!

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